Base paint job completed. Humbrol 148 Matt Radome Tan and Testors MM Russian Tank Green were airbrushed. Masking was done using poster putty (Elmer's Tack), which leaves an irregular soft edge. Hard edges were obtained suing brush touchups.

Decals for Bourrasque (#257) are stock from the Revell boxing of the kit. Under magnification from the unreduced 6Megapixel picture, you can see that "Bourrasque" is incorrectly spelled "Bourhasque". After a coat fo Future gloss the kit was weathered using washes of burnt sienna for the tan parts, blach for the green parts, dark rust for the tracks. Rivets and edges were then drybrushed using lightened base colors. Finally The model received a wash (more accurately a soak) of Mig European Dust pigment diluted in enamel thinner.

Here is the completed model. The weathering is borderline excessive, consisting of successive washes of thinner mixed with different shades of pigment. After several coats of flat varnish, I added a wash of sand pigment, which leaves a lighter colored coating of simulated dust, which I find more realistic than the darker brown. The chain is a cheap jewelry accessory and the antenna is a piece of 12 thou steel wire.

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