1/76 ISU-152 Cromwell Combat Ready ISU-122 hull and Red Star resin 152mmm gun

This is a composite model made from a spare Cromwell Combat Ready ISU-122. The only difference between the ISU-122 and 152 is the gun, the mantlet being the same on both vehicles. I sued athe 152mm gun from the Red Star resin ISU-152, which is otherwise a write-off. The gun was extensively reworked to get a better representation of the slotted muzzle. The styeps between the different diameters were at the wrong place and had to be corrected by careful sanding. The the thicker ring at the base of the gun was missing and added from plastice strip. The mantlet had to be modified to allow the thicker gun to fit. As for the ISU-122, the 7 hand rails are 8 thou brass wire, bent to shape using the GrabHandler tool.

Model almost completed. It still needs several coats of flat varnish and some grass on the base.

Completed model. The decals are from the PST IS-2 kit. They are generic. I really wanted a red star on one of my Soviet machines.

Updated on August 17, 2011, Sept 9, 2011 and Sept. 11, 2011.