1/76 Cromwell Combat ready SU-100

There are only four parts to this model, the hull, gun, stowage box and cupola hatch cover. Most of the work went into cleaning the track/wheel assembly from residual flash and overcasts and scraping the track teeth to make them look more the part. I also had to add a couple broken ones. The 5 handrails are 8 thou brass. I found out after finishing that the SU-100 had straight front fenders liek the T-34/85 and not the rounded earlier types. The decals are a randon 3 number code form a spare sheet. I used a small type that would fit the restricted space on the right side behind the bulged side.

Completed model. The flat finish still carries a residual shine after a dozen light coats and a sprinkling of dry fine garden dust. I'll try a final coat of flat varnish and leave it at that.

Updated on August 11, 2011