Kit Preview : 1/72 (1/76) T-28 Tank

About the manufacturer
AirModel is better known in aircraft modeling circles for vintage vacform 1/72 kits. They currently produce high-end resin kits of esoteric models (mostly Luftwafffe prototypes). Apparently they also produced a line of resin armor kits in small scale. Quite frankly I had no idea these existed and could not turn up any additional information online.

About the vehicle

More information at Wikipedia.

About the kit
This kit is vintage resin. I acquired it used online. Tracks were missing so I can't determine if the original kit had any. CMK's vinyl PzIII/IV tracks will do the job here. They are very close in size and pattern, you will nee two track sets as a T-28 is much larger than a Panzer IV.
The parts are crisply molded but lack the abundance of details seen in current resin castings from Milicast or Cromwell. You just get the main panel lines and rivet alignments. The previous owner added metal needls for MGs. I assume they were not part of the orignal kit. Last but not least, the kit is closer to 1/76 than 1/72. It is really short for 1/72 though the width is closer to 1/72.

Reviewed on 09/16/12.