Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Bedford OYD

About the manufacturer
Cromwell is a leading 1/76 resin model manufacturer. They mostly focus on the semi-built Battlefield Series fro 20mm wargamers. Most models are display model quality though some can can have ugly mistakes. Better to check them out individually before buying.

About the vehicle
The Bedford OYD was the standard 4x2 3ton truck of the British army throughout the war. It served on every front. Later models can be distinguished by diffreent louvres on the bonnet sides. Bedford is the British arm of General Motors so this truck is a cousin to the Opel Blitz, Chevrolet CMP and GMC Deuce.
About the kit

This is the out of production Cromwell kit of the Bedford OYD. It is now available only inthe Combat ready range as a one piece cast with a dreadful solid cab. I actually have two of these kits plus a used solid cab model.. Interestingly one of the kits is slightly larger than the other 2, which are identical. I have always struggled with getting a good OYD. The Airfix OX from the Recovery set, close in size to the Cromwell kits, is reputedly too small. The drawings in the old Airfix Military Modelling Guide show a much larger cab and grille. The Custom Miniatures OY kit is close to the Airfix drawing. You can see the difference in the last picture. A scaled down copy of the drawing on the excellent " Engines of the Red Army" website show proportions closer to the Cromwell trucks.
reviewed on 2/16/2011.