Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready Laffly V15T

About the manufacturer
Cromwell now focuses on 1/76 and 1/72 Combat ready models which combine a reduced count of parts and a good level of detail. Older kit type models are still available, mostly on Ebay. I find Cromwell castings to be among the best on the market.

About the vehicle

More information at Wikipedia. and Alby 1/72 model.

About the kit
This kit is Ok. The detail level is average for a Cromwell casting but it has an annoying asymmetry when seen from above. The front left wheel and fender are noticeably forward of the right wheel/fender. One of them will have to be moved. I need to check the wheelbase to deter ine which one.The underside needs to be cleaned up as usual.

Reviewed on 02/22/11.