Kit Preview : 1/76 Custom Miniatures Ford WOT6 3-ton GS Truck

About the manufacturer
Custom Miniatures is a defunct manufacturer from the early nineties. They offered a short-lived but very interesting line of British softskins. The kits are very difficult to find nowadays. I obtained mine on ebay. They were built but did not survive transport. The models were demolished but no parts were damaged beyond repair. I stripped them of all glue and paint and will at some point rebuild them. Henk of Holland has the only reference I ever found for these kits.

About the vehicle
Click here for an overview of the vehicle.

About the kit
The model's quality and feel is somewhere between SHQ and MMS. The parts are better defined than SHQ but not as crisp as MMS and the metal used is harder and more durable than MMS. The brass hoops provided are too thick and better replaced.

Reviewed on 10/11/09.