Kit Preview : 1/76 Convoy Adler W61 1.5t Light Truck

About the manufacturer
ModelTransport is a defunct 1/76 resin model manufacturer. Convoy now carries part of once was an extensive range of very interesting vehicles. The resin castings are well done but not up to the current standards set by Milicast and Cromwell. I have found some errors on their models so references need to be handy to correct them.

About the vehicle
Online information on and photos of the original vehicle :
  • here,
  • here, and
  • here.

    About the kit

    The kit is easy to build with a limited number of well cast parts. It has a number of bubble holes to be filled, which is the norm for older resin castings such as this one. Looking a the pictures, the runningboards on the model are placed too high and the doors extend too low. There is a large gap between the footboards and the doors and the stowage box behind the cab is rather small on the full-size truck where it is an enclosed locker on the model. Convoy may have represented a differewnt version so I would not be definitive. There is very little information on this truck available so who knows.

    Reviewed on 11/19/09.