Kit Preview : 1/76 Convoy International M425 4x4 5-ton Tractor and 10-ton Semi-trailer

About the manufacturer
ModelTransport is a defunct 1/76 resin model manufacturer. Convoy now carries part of once was an extensive range of very interesting vehicles. The resin castings are well done but not up to the current standards set by Milicast and Cromwell. I have found some errors on their models so references need to be handy to correct them.

About the vehicle

photo of restored M425
and some 1/72 Wespe model of the same.

About the kit

This kit was obtained second hand and is probably pretty old. It came with some parts glued together, others broken and some extraneous ones that did not belong to this kit. Apart from some bubble holes, the casting is crisp and without too much flash.

The main issue is with the grille which should be a completely different pattern. The headlight guards are missing altogether. The pictures on the linked pages above will make this very clear. I think it is possible to rebuild the grille using plastic strips and rods as it is a very simple design. It is composed of a rectangular frame with 4 horizontal bars and 9 vertical bars.