Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Adler Kfz 13 Armored Car

About the manufacturer
MMS is the leading 1/76 white metal model brand. The quality of casting and level of detail are comparable to traditional plastic kits, albeit without etched metal detailing. Smaller details such as mirrors are often omitted , and the running gear of tracked vehicles is usually a simplified one piece casting where the guide teeth are backed by a solid metal strengthening strip.
Due to the tight packaging in unprotected plastic bags, parts often come bent or one might say, with pre-built battle damage. Care must be taken to straighten things out lest parts be broken.

About the vehicle

The Adler Kfz 13 is a prewar German armored car. Introduced in 1932, it saw action only in Poland and France. This forum thread over at AxisHistory on the Adler A/C is a good place to start if you want to learn more. It is loaded with period photos.

Here is a very nice Bronco 1/35 model with a good shot of the interior.

About the kit

Not much to say about the kit. It is a simple build. The interior can detailed a bit more using the 1/35 Bronco model as a guide. A brake lever, width indicator sticks and an exhaust pipe need to be added. Bronco also has a shovel stowed under the left side that is missing here.

Overall a very nice kit.