Kit Preview : 1/76 Ostmodels BT-7

About the manufacturer
Ostmodels in Tasmania has an extensive range of 1/76 vehicles overlooked by mainstream manufacturers. I don't know if Ankef Fuglsang, the owner is still active at eh moment of writing (12/07). There is a catalog online at Henk of Holland's web site (Henk crafted several masters for Ostmodels).

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About the vehicle
Click here for an overview of the vehicle.

About the kit
This kit was acquired assembled on ebay. I used CA unglue to remove the track assemblies as tehy were positioned too low, giving the tank an excessive ground clearance. Each track broke in half a dzoen pieces in the course of the process but were successfully reassembled with CA glue. The two exhausts were also broken in the process. I will drill them out before reassembling them. If you are familiar with resin kits and the use of CA, broken parts are not a problem. You just get more parts to assemble.
The kit is accurate for 1/76 and should be easy to (re)assemble. The tracks lack guide teeth (one every other link). They can be scratched from plastic strip. It will be easier to add them before the track assemblies are fixed to the hull.

Reviewed on 09/16/2012.