Kit Preview : 1/76 Ostmodels Vickers Carden-LLoyd M.36 Light Tank

About the manufacturer
Ostmodels in Tasmania has an extensive range of 1/76 vehicles overlooked by mainstream manufacturers. I don't know if Ankef Fuglsang, the owner is still active at eh moment of writing (12/07). There is a catalog online at Henk of Holland's web site (Henk crafted several masters for Ostmodels).

Click here for catalog.

About the vehicle An export model of the Vickers Carden Loyd tankette, about 20 of these were acquired by the KNIL and used against the Japanese in 1942. The hull is similar to that of the Belgian T-15.

There is very little information on this vehicle. Here is all I could find.
Imaco 1/35 kit
MapleLeaf forum photos
Photos of the IMACO 1/35 kit are invaluable for placing the turret.

About the kit

Few parts but well cast. The turret has no locating pin and goes on the left side, jutting forward as much as possible, with an overhang over the hull lip. The wheels could be hollowed out for those who care. The reinforcing triangles are molded solid and could be replaced by strips. Two rectangular mirrors mounted on long stems need to be added. Overall a nice and simple kit of a rare model.

Reviewed on May 16, 2011.