Kit Preview : 1/76 Red Star SU-152

About the manufacturer
TMP's entry on Red Star Models reads:
"Red Star Models has been in production for over thirty years and is internationally recognized as a leading producer of small scale Military construction kits.
"The kits, cast in polyurethane resin, provide the Collector and Wargamer with models that are accurate, strong, and lightweight. Assembly is quite straightforward using normal model making tools and glues(Epoxy and Super-Glue are recommended).
1/76 SCALE (20-25mm)
WWI (British)
WWII (Polish, Soviet - including railcars and gunboats)
Modern (Chinese, Soviet, U.S.)

My take on them from my three samples are they seem to be fairly crude resin casts. Detail is on a par with Crusader Models and other early wargaming resin pieces. It differs from more current wargaming pieces in that these are multi part kits. If you take them as display models, provided the hull is correct, all details need to be added or reworked. The tracks are one piece without any guide teeth and most the wheels have miscast detailing.

About the vehicle
The Wikipedia entry on the SU-152 is a good place to start if you want to learn more.
Beautiful color drawings of the SU-152 can be found at the Engines of the Red Army website.
About the kit
This kit is pretty crude by modern standards. The one-piece tracks are a copy of the simplistic soft tracks found in Fujimi KV models. The central guide teeth are missing and would require a lot of work to scratch build. The roadwheels all have missing ribs and lack lightening holes. The casemate is too wide, according to a 1/76 scaled down drawing. The sides should be more vertical, which would also correct the width. The roof has a coffin shape but the sides are too angled outward, also contributing to the excessive width. The rivet detail throughout the kit is a disaster. The engine deck is also much simplified as is the gun mantlet. For my part the kit is a write-off. I may try to cut the casemate off and mate it to a Fujimi KV chassis with Fujimi IS link and length tracks.

Reviewed on August 20, 2011