Kit Preview : 1/76 SHQ LRDG Chevrolet WA with Bofors 37mm Gun

About the manufacturer
SHQ carries an extensive range of 1/76 (20mm) wargaming models and figures in white metal, many unique. Vehicles tend to be on the chunky side, mainly due to the thickness of metal panels. Those trucks are as well armored as Tiger tanks. Their more recent models have gained considreably in accuracy and details. The wargaming roots still show in some kits with plain tubular axles.

About the vehicle

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    About the kit
    This is a recent SHQ release. The chassis has 11/07 engraved on the underside.The grille is simplified with only 8 horizontal bars instead of 16. The wheelbase (133 inches on the original) scales out to 44.5mm in 1/76. The model's wheelbase measures 46mm. When the body is in place the rear fender are centered around 44.5 so the rear axle needs to be moved forward. The model requires a good deal of cleaning up. Since SHQ's metal is too hard to cut with hobby knife, it will have to be done with a Dremel type motor tool. The absent cab doors are straight so the part of the cab near the seat needs to be adjusted. The kit comes with plain tube axles. They should be replaced. Spares from the Matchbox Chevy 1533 would be perfect.

    Reviewed on 11/14/09