Kit Preview : 1/76 SHQ Gaz AA or AAA 30cwt Truck

About the manufacturer
SHQ carries an extensive range of 1/76 (20mm) wargaming models and figures in white metal, many unique. Vehicles tend to be on the chunky side, mainly due to the thickness of metal panels. Those trucks are as well armored as Tiger tanks. Their more recent models have gained considreably in accuracy and details. The wargaming roots still show in some kits with plain tubular axles.

About the vehicle

Here is an
  • excellent webpage on the Gaz AA/AAA

    About the kit
    This is a recent SHQ release. The kit scales out correctly. It needs cleaning up and should build up into a nice model. The plain tubular axles are a disgrace., as they are quite visible on this high-sitting truck. If you plan to build the AA, I would recommend using the rear axle from the AAA dual axles, as it has a differential. The front axle can be sourced from the spares box. If in plastic, it should be reinforced with metal wire on the rear facing side and axle stubs to withstand the weight of the metal model. The model is slightly larger than the 4MilMod model (now reissued by Matador). The SHQ wheels are definitely better, being larger and more accurate.

    Reviewed on 1/20/11