Kit Preview : 1/76 Skytrex Hinchliffe Lorraine 37L court (short wheelbase)

About the manufacturer
Skytrex carries an extensive range of 2mm (1/76) white metal wargaming figures and vehicles under the Hinchliffe label. The vehicles are quite simplified, with few parts, bare interiors and most tools and accessories molded on. They are however usually correct sizewise and can be used as the basis for detailing projects especailly for vehicles not found in other ranges.

About the vehicle
The Lorraine was an French armored tracked supply vehicle used by both infantry and cavalry armored units in 1940. it existed in both short and log wheelbases.

Click here for the Wikipedia article on the Lorraine tractor.

About the kit

Simple kit with a simple detail level. The trailer needs a lot of work, especially the tow bar assembly which consists in reality of of two U-section beams and several reinforcing bars. The same trailer comes with all Skytrex models of the Lorraine and UE tractors.

Updated on 4/11/2011