Kit Preview : 1/76 Skytrex Hinchliffe RSO Pak 40

About the manufacturer
Skytrex carries an extensive range of 2mm (1/76) white metal wargaming figures and vehicles under the Hinchliffe label. The vehicles are quite simplified, with few parts, bare interiors and most tools and accessories molded on. They are however usually correct sizewise and can be used as the basis for detailing projects especailly for vehicles not found in other ranges.

About the vehicle
The Pak 40 on RSO chassis is one of many late war German efforts to mount an anti-tank gun to counter the hordes of Soviet tanks inexorably moving toward the Reich's borders.

Click here for the Wikipedia article on the RSO tractor. Here a couple other links with useful pictures of the real thing or 1/35 models:

About the kit

Simple kit with a simple detail level. The level of detail is acutally better than I would expect for a Skytrex model. The engraving is pretty fine for a metal kit. The interior is nonexistent. Not a problem if you plan to use the driver figure. There is a separate driving yoke if you don't but the interior will have to be scratched. The links above provide a source of pictures and documentation if needed. This is what I plan to do. I hope the metal is soft enough so that the Dremel motor tool can be used to hollow the space where the driver's legs would extend.

Updated on 5/27/2011