Kit Preview : 1/76 Vacucast T34 Model 1941 Rebuilt

About the manufacturer
Now defunct Vacucast had a line of 1/76 conversions, buildings and models. They pop up occasionally on eBay.

About the vehicle
The SU-76i was a Soviet conversion of captured Panzer III tanks upgunned to use the T-34's 76mm gun. They were introduced at the battle of Kursk and were used until early 1944 when they were replaced by the cheaper and easier to maintain SU-76. More detailed information can be found at:
  • ww2 armor
  • balagan
  • Achtung Panzer

    The only reference I've seen to the actual Panzer III versions used are in Achtung Panzer where they mention versions H and J.

    About the kit
    This conversion set is meant to be used on any 1/76 Panzer III. Unfortunately the only injected plastic kit is the venerable Matchbox L model, which will require a further conversion. None of the SU76i's I've seen pictured have the spaced armor plate on the front hull. This will require removing the front armor plate, shortening the hull and making a new plate including a new driver's vision block. The hull MG was removed on the SU76i so there is no need to bother putting one back on. You can also use an MMS Panzer III H or J which have the earlier engine decks.

    Reviewed on September 2nd. 2011